The first step in the process for filing a disability claim, is filing your application. At Gulf South Disability Lawyers, we are happy to help you apply. It is important that you are prepared for this disability application appointment. Below is the information you will need:

1.    Work History/Information

  • We need the last 15 years of work history as SS will be asking this information during the application.
  • Total Earnings for prior two years.

2.    Medications List

  • An updated list of all medications you are taking, why the medication is prescribed and the name of the doctor who prescribed the medication.

3.    Doctors/Hospitals

  • Please have a list of all doctors and health care professionals that you have seen in the last 2 years.  If you were seen in a hospital we will need the name, address and dates that you were seen.  Any inpatient stays for longer than 24 hours need to be provided.

4.    Marriage Information

  • Current spousal information (birthdate, SS number, date of marriage, city and state married in.)
  • We will also need the above information for any prior marriages that lasted 10 years or ended due to a death, along with the date the marriage ended.

5.    Denial Notice

  • If you have a Social Security denial notice, please have it in front of you at the time of the call.

We look forward to speaking with you regarding your Social Security benefits!