Systematic lupus erthymatosus causes the immune system to begin attacking itself. It can damage the skin, joints, kidneys, lungs, blood, and heart.

In order to qualify as disabled, the following requirements must be met:

–          Lupus must affect two different organs or body systems

–          Lupus must be the cause of at least two symptoms:

  • Exhaustion that causes low mental and physical activity
  • Fever
  • Malaise – Discomfort caused by little mental and physical activity
  • Weight loss


–          Two or more of the above lupus symptoms that bring about one of these limitations:

  • Unable to perform daily living activities
  • Unable to maintain social functioning
  • Unable to finish tasks because of lacking focus or inability to work quickly

–          This limitation must interfere with the ability to function effectively, appropriately, and independently

Social Security follows the American College of Rheumatology’s Criteria for the Classification of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus in order to determine if lupus has been correctly diagnosed. Four out of the eleven criteria must be met to be diagnosed as having lupus:

–          Sersitis

–          Oral Ulcers

–          Discoid Rash

–          Malar Rash

–          Photosensitivity

–          Renal Disorder

–          Arthritis

–          Neurologic Disorder

–          Antinuclear Antibody

–          Immunologic Disorder

–          Hematologic Disorder

If an individual is unable to work due to Lupus, they may qualify for Social Security Disability. A residual functional capacity assessment is used to record mental, sensory, and physical restrictions that can affect working ability.

Physical limitations may make standing or walking, which is required for many jobs, difficult. These include:

–          Chest Pain

–          Headaches

–          Fatigue

–          Abnormal Heart Rhythms

–          Shortness of Breath

Mental limitations may include:

–          Inability to remember and understand

–          Inability to concentrate

–          Inability to carry out simple instructions

–          Inability to respond to coworkers and supervision well

–          Inability to handle working stress and pressures

–          Personality Changes

–          Anxiety

–          Depression

Sensory Limitations may include:

–          Sense impairments

–          Impairments that require environmental boundaries

–          Vision Problems

–          Skin Issues

–          Photosensitivity

–          Seizures

Lupus is a chronic disease, meaning that over time it causes more harm to the body, and although you may be denied at first, once you get a hearing, it may be easier to qualify for benefits from Social Security.