What our Gulf South Disability Attorneys Will Do  For You

  • We do nothing but Social Security Disability Law, so we will never be pulled away from your case if a multi-million dollar 18-wheeler accident or offshore maritime injured client comes walking in the door.
  • We are open and accessible and always return clients calls when we can’t speak to them whenever they call our office
  • You don’t want to waste your time dealing with one of the biggest bureaucracies in the Federal Government, one that speaks a bureaucratic “foreign” language that normal people don’t understand.
  • You have more important things to do than to learn the obscure laws, rules and procedures required by the Social Security Administration.
  • We go to work for you, WHEN YOU CAN’T WORK!
  • We know the most effective ways to prepare successful applications and submit effective Adult Disability Reports.
  • We know exactly which issues will need to be addressed, and how to write the best Legal Briefs, if it is necessary to demand a hearing in front of a Social Security Judge, or if we have to file an appeal with the Appeals Council.
  • In Social Security Disability Cases, all attorney fees are set by law, and you will pay NO FEE AT ALL, EVEN IF WE WIN YOUR CASE, unless we are ALSO able to win you BACK PAY, on top of a mere finding of disability with payments coming in the future.
  • We FIGHT FOR ALL OF OUR CLIENTS, ON A DAILY BASIS, in front of the over 40 Social Security Judges who sit in the four Social Security Courts located across the state of Louisiana, BUT, we can appear before ANY Social Security Judge in ANY State in the US, so, if you move or your case has to be transferred to another state, we can still represent you.