While not all children with ADHD will qualify for ADHD disability benefits, there are many children who are eligible and applying for benefits.

To qualify for ADHD disability benefits, children in school must have not only mental health documentation that supports a severe complication with impulsivity, inattention, and hyperactivity, but also have academic documentation that supports a severe inability to maintain grade-level academic success.

It is important, that your child’s school document all behaviors and outcomes in academic performance for, at least, two full academic school years. Without this, your application for ADHD disability benefits will typically be denied for your child.

An evaluation by a government-appointed psychologist will also be necessary so be sure that you have all of the supporting documentation for this visit. During evaluation, the psychologist will evaluate and test your child but the supporting documentation will also help to document the other daily events that have occurred in your child’s life.


Finding this treatment documentation and school documentation is important to ensure that your child has the best opportunity for obtaining ADHD disability benefits in the long term. Even if your child is denied ADHD disability benefits initially, be sure to re-apply each year .